Saturday, December 20, 2014


So, how is God dark matter? The dark matter of God is the Earth and all the way down to its core. Dark matter is infinite time. Infinite time is a finite understanding of God. Therefore, we can conceptualize further how God is dark matter for God is infinite matter. Infinite time is God for infinite matter and the time it takes to know is our lifetime. This finite understanding then takes us back to the knowledge of the Earth and how old it is and this begs the question, how old is God? As old as we know, for God is as old as the universe as old as time, so, with this infinite knowing we find God in infinite time. Dark matter takes us there, too. Variations of time take us close to the infinite. For example, if we were travelling through several different time zones back and forth for several days we would have very little concept of the time of day. Time varies with the circumference of the Earth and our closeness to the Sun. Dark matter does not vary in volume from the Earth's crust to the Earth's core, just age.