Thursday, December 18, 2014


So, how does dark matter become infinite matter and why the transformation? When we are from Hell, there is no transformation as you are not welcome in Heaven and remain as dark matter. Dark matter can also be Divine as God has to realize who is being Evil. Infinite matter is from the transformation to Heaven. Matter does disintegrate to an infinite source, one way or the other with our purpose in life being to find God's true light in your heart or love. The disintegration process is after death. Heaven, however, is noticeable while we live. The infinite space in our heart takes us to God through love on Earth and infinite matter to Heaven, when we die. Dark matter takes us to death, too, but the death of the soul on Earth, if you have been Evil and a death without Heaven and God's light, when you die an earthly death. Dark matter is not only Evil and for the blessed is a Divine substance. Infinite matter is only for the blessed in Heaven and what all heavenly matter is made from, the true light of God. The source of all matter is God.