Monday, October 20, 2014


If the centre of the universe were to be equated to the centre of the heart most people would take themselves to Hell rather than Heaven. This is the one point God does not allow anybody access to, the God zone of your heart and a fierce black hole with nasty solar winds to suck up the whole universe if anything takes the universe through that much strife. On an orbit to avoid the pitfalls of the universe, planets have a magnetic solar cap to keep them on course in a forcefield of gravity. There is zero gravity in infinite space in the void of the unknown. Similarly, in our hearts blood is pumped around the four chambers of the heart with a heartbeat to oxidize the blood and this is pumped around the body in a twenty-minute cycle, the main ventricle of the heart would equal your God point to keep you alive. God would equal the void. Blood is a metaphor for infinite space.