Friday, October 17, 2014


There are four seasons of the Sun and this corresponds to our four Seasons, the Sun moves into four realms of the hemisphere of Earth at given and known times on the planet Earth. The planets have four cycles, too, in other parts of the universe known to man. Four hemispheres of the globe correspond to the rest of the universe as we have four chambers of our hearts and these correspond to Gods divine work. Seasonal plants are noticed for this experience as we have four parts of a tree, for example, the root system, the water extracting trunk, the branches and stems with the leaves, sometimes flowers occur, also. These chambers for God respond to our four Seasons and point to Heaven with your mind flying upwards to God to notice the seasonal changes of the tree. Water is needed for God to notice a planet and most have some form of deposit. If planets are too far away from the Sun, this water may take a different form, this depends on Gods intention and the seasonal flow of planetary activity. The stars are noticeable from Earth in various pattern sequences for God to tell your heart when to plant trees. The tapestry and framework of planetary structure suggests a seasonal correspondence through our hearts so we eat certain foods and these also correspond through the Season known to man on Earth. God needs us to be aware of who we are and our position on Earth so he gives us a heart map for God to find us when we have lost our way. God loves the seasons that take us to Heaven.