Saturday, October 25, 2014


If we regard the waters of the sea and the oceans of the meridian of the Earth then we find the planetary way has a cycle via the patterns of the winds. This relates to the currents of the ocean and the flow of blood around our heart takes our mind to God with the planetary cycle in the universe explaining who we are. The darkness of space relates to the darkened matter of pure space, a finite understanding of the infinite. If we equate God through love and Heaven through the angel we might get to a particle of Gods instruction. This planetary information is special in the hearts of man and gives us an indication of God by design. The heart is a microcosm of the act of creation and the womb of the world suggests Earth is at the centre of the universe for God where love is in the hemisphere of Heaven or knowing. The orbit of the creation of the world equals God and the planet you were born under equals Heaven to the zodiac of the heart. Our heart is central to God as the universe is central to Heaven and the waters of our hearts is at the centre of God. The waters of the womb protect the new born with the waters of the oceans protecting our nominated pathway to Heaven.