Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If we take the correct phase of the moon skyward through Heaven to God, then we would not have to be influenced by shadow or God would have to have us take the moon to the devil. The universe goes past the moon but this is the only other form such as a planet that we can see clearly from Earth, all the other planets appear as stars and unless we know the positions of the planets in the stars at night we would need a telescope to distinguish them and a planetary guide or star map for further clarification. If we take Heaven through the moon or find a pathway this way, then we are cold at heart. There the seven phases of the moon equal Satan. The universe goes past the moons and God in Heaven to equal the universe, God equals the universe and for some their universe goes no further than their hearts. For others the universe extends past their hearts to the end of the Earth and beyond to the edge of space. Planets behave in a similar manner to moons in that they reflect the Sun and that is why we see the moon in its four quarters as a reflection of the position of the Sun and its relationship to Earth, the Earth casts a shadow from the Sun so we see the position of Earth to the Sun on the axis. Moons cast a shadow on Earth, like the Sun and so do other planets not that we would notice this with our naked eye but our heart does in the same way as plants do.