Thursday, October 23, 2014


The universe is mathematically equated and that is why we feel God in our hearts. The heart is a smaller version of the world at large and this is a smaller universe. So, while we sleep the stars are crossing the meridian and the globe continues to spin on an axis. While we are awake the planets are quietly being observed by planet Earth as the Sun shines down on you. Our heart is equated as though islands on earth equal planets of the universe. All the zodiacs are equated mathematically as well by God, giving star patterns mathematics. This mathematical equation unto God equals the divine circle of Heaven, the universe. The heart has its own mathematics and these correspond to the circle of the heart equalling the universe, also. God equates what we equal by summing up your mathematical equation, for example, how much you love God. Circling around the globe is Gods way of showing us his pathway like blood circles around the heart to give you good circulation. The planets circle around Earth and the universe circles around the Sun with this circle we equal God in our hearts.