Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The light of the heavens suggests by the waters that the planets revolve around the Sun and the moon around the earth. The waters of the Earth reflect the planet's situation. The Sun does not appear to get brighter or the earth closer to the Sun at any time of the year. There is an equation of darkness when the waters were made and you get the feeling that Earth was frozen and covered with ice for a long time before Earthly inhabitants, perhaps a solar eclipse that lasted for a revolution of the Sun. The earthly waters would have taken several millions of years to thaw and gradually God would have given life to the Earth. Several species have formed since then and come and gone for Gods divine purpose. Waters formed many species of fish and while some very ancient species continue to frequent the ocean floor others have disappeared, you would not find their fossils anywhere. So, we are left in the dark and for God to turn the lights on. Man in the evolution of Earth took quite a long time to evolve afterwards. The Sun will continue to shine.