Saturday, October 11, 2014


We contemplate the celestial, cosmological maps of the universe, our astronomy. Our dual side looks back while we contemplate the future and live in the present. Our history is before us and our past is present, we enjoy the life that God gave us, our astrological signs we were born under were designed to teach us about the other planets being there. We have all the astrological signs describing a part of your body depending the sign you were born beneath. Clouds on a beautiful Spring day come Summer rain describe the Heavens. God has been trying to communicate his message with the art of the people for as long as the art has survived us. Man always appears to be transcribing the same message in the heights of creation. Zodiac information is about Heaven and heavenly relationships with man, the people your compatible relationships are going to be with does depend on the heavens. Our dual facing relationship with the world at large does depend on the month you were born and God chose the planetary way. Heaven.