Thursday, October 30, 2014


With the Sun as our universe, God appears at the window, shining through the pane. The birds make you aware of the presence of the Lord at dawn where the Sun first appears through the window. The beginning of the new day appears through the window and the birds celebrate God in the trees outside. With God at the window we see the cycle of the moon and the shadow of the Earth appears behind the Sun. When the moon is in the shadow of the Sun and a new moon appears we see God at the window. The cycle of daylight makes God appear at the window in the light behind the trees. The centre of the heart is God at the centre as Earth. Clouds surround the Earth and pass a shadow from the Sun. The Earth circles the Sun on a cycle of the moon so, the moon casts a shadow on the Earth behind the Sun. Therefore, the Sun in your heart equals God at the window. God needs to appear in the window of your heart for the Earth to be at the centre of your universe. When the Sun appears behind the clouds, God brings forth the Sun in your window.