Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Where does the Earth move to? The Earth spins on an axis revolving around the Sun or does it stay still with the Sun and moon revolving around the Earth? Do the other planets move or does Earth? If we move around the universe as a planet, what are we experiencing? God informs us partly in our hearts, so, we observe him in Heaven but Heaven is your pathway you walk down. We notice God's divine language in nature but we are only vaguely conscious of who he is and our hearts tell us the rest. This finite infinity takes our hearts there to a God up in Heaven, the Heaven on high and out to a heavenly domain somewhere in mid space. So, in this place the planets are noticeable circling the Sun and we are conscious the stars exist but do not feel their light. In this place God appears to mean something else through our hearts and then we walk along our pathway with stars governing the way. What is God's message and why are we only vaguely consciously aware? Obviously we cannot get too close to God's divine knowledge or it takes us to Hell. Our hearts seem to spin on a slow revolution around God's divine Sun or light, where the awaking is slow for good reason. All the information that would equal one human being is quite different from one human being to another. For example, where the planet Earth was positioned in your zodiac hour, the year you were born and the position of the planets elsewhere appears to spin our hearts on a different revolution from one another and this predestined voyage takes us on a different journey on our pathway to God.