Tuesday, October 14, 2014


When you think about the cycles of the other planets around the Earth, that we do notice with the changing seasons on Earth and the position of the Sun in the garden, this is measured by the changing calendar and the twelve months of the year. The star patterns nominating the zodiacs are in view in the evening and nominate a picture of a mythological god if you draw up the dots, these are the zodiac symbols, Aries, Taurus, Aquarius for example, modernized for current usage. When the Earth is in the shadow of a passing planet in line with the Sun like the shade of the moon, various seasons are nominated, then various zodiacs and the position of the Sun tells us what the calendar date is. There is also an orbit of other planets in the shadow of the Sun and they spin on the same axis radar as Earth via the Sun. The magnetic pull of the Sun slopes Earth to be on a reflected angle and all the other planets besides for the calendar year with everything being equated by a metric rule, like God is a big mathematician in the sky trying to way up the difference between the shadow and the Sun.