Saturday, October 18, 2014


If the Earth were at the centre of the universe with the Sun and the planets circling around the Earth this would feel like the centre of the heart that God shines on with the stars circling around the Earth. So, the planets just equal the stars in your heart and these spin on an orbit around the Earth in the centre of your heart. When the activities of the heart come into an alignment with the planets certain occurrences tend to take place, these occur naturally. One feels consumed by the deep emotional turmoil as though the stars are burning too brightly. The universe as a metaphor of the heart has the Earth spinning on an orbit. The axis spins your heart through a different universe with you being consumed by God. The planets are on an axis with God and the illumination on Earth is easily equated with the shadow cast on the water. With God, hearts are issued planets to show God who to follow and where to lead them.