Monday, October 27, 2014


The faces of the Sun on the diameter of the heart correspond via the zodiac calendar to the phases of the moon. The star guide in your heart tells you where the Sun will appear. So, the position of Earth on the orbit around the Sun would have you notice the position of the Earth via the Sun and even if you had been distanced from the time of day the changing of the light via the shadows on the ground would explain the calendar month with the time of day. An orbit of the Sun equals an orbit of the moon when the equator is distanced from the Sun and when we have an eclipse of the moon with the Sun the Earth darkens in shadow in broad daylight. The face of the Sun corresponds to the zodiac you were born under and this you know in your heart, Gods divine reflection. The face the moon recommends, describes the face of the Sun in shadow. Faces of the Sun are noticed by God with the Sun shining down on your heart corresponding to shadows on Earth. Where the Sun faces the Earth, God is known in our hearts because most people enjoy the warmth of the Sun. Let the Sun shine on you.