Tuesday, October 21, 2014


When you think about the celestial body you think of man and where the starlight is found, here we have God. If we nominate the body as our universe then where would God live? God has an entry point through our hearts but is this where he lives? Maybe the male population should concentrate on this entry from God but sacred babies in their mother's womb would find God there, along with their breast milk, maybe they see the starlight. For a woman God also enters her universe through the heart and this takes her baby there. Human beings appear fascinated with the speed of light but how do they know it travels? God has to illuminate our mind with an infinite understanding. Planets and stars can be observed from earth but all we had to look at was ourselves. The heart nominates the planets and we observe them in our body, therefore, our head would be planet Earth with our brain being Venus and our mind via God equalling Jupiter. Our universe is our heart and God holds us there. Love God to love your universe.