Sunday, October 19, 2014


If you think about the circulation of the planets and their cycle around one another, their circuit feels as though you know their pathway in your heart. Even if we were blind, other planets appear to circulate our interior solar system and we feel other planets exist other than Earth. If we use a telescope to view the stars, planets seem logically what we are looking at along with the star formations but we can just ask our heart for the same view. The divine light of God is only noticeable via the Sun and a memory of the Sun's light in your heart and you wonder if we are surviving on a vague memory of the Sun that died several million years ago and whether the Earth is still here. Are we in the dark with only a memory of starlight guiding the way? Our planetary observation does appear known to us somewhere deep in our hearts with God's understanding in view. Everywhere nature informs us with our observation being an invaluable philosophical resource to God and we appear to have to equate this infinitely. Our pathway is set from birth by the planetary guide of the stars, almost like God's guide through nature, a book to observe and for our hearts to read. The divine pathway takes you on a voyage with the planets in view, circulating your divine information to Heaven.