Sunday, October 12, 2014


The universe looked at in the 1500's would have been at a different stage in the cycle of the planets. The earth appears to revolve around the Sun on an orbit, logically, as we have the rising Sun in the east and the setting Sun in the west. An optical illusion seems to occur with the Sun appearing bigger at sunrise and sunset. We could not possibly get that physically close to the Sun in the time a day takes to elapse, twelve hours of daylight with the Sun appearing smaller at midday, up above in the sky. On more recent cardiographs we would notice a different position in school book learning but somehow the map looks drawn up by Americans, not in the correct order, upside down and back to front like many of their street coded maps. So, this suggests the revolving of the Sun around the earth was in a completely different position than it is today, five hundred years on. As we keep revolving around the Sun, the other planets, also, keep revolving around the Sun to complete a revolution.