Wednesday, October 22, 2014


With the Earth being the God part of your heart and the celestial seasons nominating the planets, God would shrink the universe down to size. Human capacity to visualize the size of the universe does depend upon your scope. The cycles of moons around other planets would have an influence. One day can nominate God with the light of the hour and the horizon line is the meridian. So, do not let this take you to Hell as twenty-four hours can also take you to Satan. The cycles of the seasons take your heart somewhere closer to God especially with your daily bread. The twelve calendar seasons of the zodiac take your star patterns close to God and the heart pattern tells you where to observe. God needs to know you in advance of you knowing and this is why he takes you through the cosmological order. The season of God is the season of love and God put flowers on your table. We have a solstice of the heart and a winter solstice of your mind, almost like the kind of hibernations animals frequent in winter and burrow our head but the hearts solstice takes another season unto God. The planets are attracted to the horizon as the equator helps us spin on an axis like a top and a ball to keep the equilibrium flow.