Sunday, October 26, 2014


One wonders what Gods view of the universe looks like from the heights of Heaven. Given the world map spins upside down to how we conceive it, God would have a view of the South Pole and the planetary positions in the universe. The rising star constellations would be in view, stars to God and love to the planets. If we lined the stars and the planets up in a sort of user guide for God, we may understand him but only in our hearts. The planets cycle is astral and we are God unto him. So, once again, from Heaven, Earth would be central to God. With God as the earthly core of the universe other planets are noticed elsewhere as with a conjunction of the opposites like a divine mirror, this internal reflection is a reflection of God in Heaven and our hearts. The conjunction of opposites suggests there is a male and female element of the universe as there is a Northern and Southern Hemisphere of Earth, male and female plants and men and women, God is both. From Gods perspective our zodiacs nominate who we are.