Friday, October 24, 2014


If we equate the heart with a world map, then the Southern Hemisphere would be the lower part and the Northern Hemisphere the upper region with the mid ventricle pumping blood where the oceans would be. The oceans would get warmer near the equator and cooler near the poles with the oceans temperature being regulated by the external layer of gases to protect the Earth from the Sun. With warmer oceans God does breed tropical fish while cooler oceans have the larger mammals of the oceans with whales and sharks amongst them. Our old star history has a bearing on the ocean floor's temperature with the waters cooling the oceans. Divinity would suggest other planets had a philosophy of the same water. All the zones like the four chambers of the heart had an order unto God like the four sections of the globe. The two poles would be one, the equator would be another and the oceans on either side of the equator would equal the other two zones.