Wednesday, October 16, 2019

In favour of the moon

Nicole Page-Smith

In favour of the moon

Heaven is the sky. To fly to the moon is our relationship to the moon and we do this in our mind. To look at the moon we may not be seeing the moon, in space-time we do not exist at all and this maybe troublesome in reflection of the moon. The moon is highly likely our self and the reflection of the moon is our self. The moon however, could be the Earth for all we know. Do we call the Earth the moon or the Sun?

The sun of a many moons said: "my relationship to you is the moon." Moons of worth are sprinkling stars across the cosmos. We see the moon and are of its worth. To see the moon and all the stars is like a moon face and as the moon ascends we see her shining. Now shining brightly is the moon on a full-lit night and stars are drifting and moving towards the East where a new day dawns of the Sun. Suns are moons. When stars are rising and moving in the sky we dawn of the day but when the moon sets and the sun rises we experience the colour of the sky shining through aurora orange and pink go to the Sun of the moon of the sky. Sky and moon are all the worth of sky and gold. Gold is the sky when sun and moon are at rest and moving from the smile of cats the sky beams away. The sun of moons and sky are of the cat. Cats and sphinxes smile to the sun but dawns and stars rising find other company. Moons shine brightly to stars and other foe. Cats worship their own kind and in a secret dialogue are communicating all day. Shining the moon has a say but really we only see our selves the Sun is the Earth and planets go talking away. Talking to god we are in relationship with the moon.

We are in relationship with cats with talking to them, too. Thinking about cats also seems to encourage their thinking of you but we are in their universe. The world of the cat includes our universe but does it include their relationship to the moon? Secretly cats are more familiar to our world than they would let us know. The world of the cat includes the moon. The cat's relationship to the Sun is a different matter. Our relationship to the Sun is our relationship to the moon. Cats do notice what we get up to in a quiet observance. We are in favour of the moon.