Sunday, October 13, 2019

In the relationship to the moon

Nicole Page-Smith

In the relationship to the moon

We travel. We travel to the moon and go beyond. Traveling, we keep going. Stars are there but we barely notice cats in heaven.

Traveling past God. We notice the moon. Shining, brightly. Bright you could imagine stars to be when traveling past the moon. We travel though in darkness past the moon and it is like country roads at night, all darkness. Beaming with headlights through space cats had space helmets.

We continue. 

The moon is our fire. And our friend is the moon. We spin on the axis of the moon around the Sun. The sun and the moon are in relationship with one another and provide night then, day. Now, how do the sun and moon provide day over night? Do they provide night over day, too? Night and day are the ideal of the moon and the sun but is the idea of night more day or night? Night and day go hand in hand but do they provide the moon or the sun with the light of day? The relationship of the night to the day is a complicated one and does provide the moon. Where is the moon in relation to the sun? Do we see the moon or the sun? Continuing past the moon toward the sun do we find planets and are they gods or angels? Where do angels come from? Between the moon and the sun are planets for us to observe on our journey around the sun but do we see stars? Earth is our angel but is it our Sun? Cats know the answers because they too were born in heaven only to find Earth was near the Sun but oh the moon. The moon reaches further for cats to observe in the relationship to the warmth of the the sun. Cats hunt by moonlight and prowl the neighborhood by night only to worship the sun by day. Cats and the Sun are friends from ancient times where Sphinxes worshiped the Sun. The moon has a different relationship to "our angel" as cats know we are the moon and the sun. The moon knows who we are as "she", Luna the moon has been shining down on us for years. The Sun on the other hand is adverse. Shining brightly by day you would think the Sun and moon had a good relationship to one another and in a planetary way how are we to know? The moon secretly holds daylight in its heart but the sun burns brightly. By day and by night we are the moon only to see the Sun. Cats can tell you the relationship between the moon and the Sun is a different one from what we would imagine and shine brightly to your Sun. The fire of the moon is our friend. We are the moon and the Sun and all the stars in heaven. Moons and moons and moons ago this was our only relationship to the Sun. Stars, the moon, the sun and cats are from heaven.