Saturday, June 8, 2019

The illumination in the clouds

Nicole Page-Smith

The illuminations in the clouds

Chapter 4.

Ascension angels are those with a golden, arrow. Piercing pain.

Ecstatic angels do ascend up and down. Clouds of ascension are the pain when they should equal the joy. The piercing love of God is ascension.

Clouds of rain equal joy for the birds and the angels. God cries in heaven. The earth smiles when the clouds depart and separate for big peals of sunshine to shine through. Light is exposed in its true light and God feels happier for the brightness. Birds are of a different feathered nature and although part of God prefer trees. Some trees do not lose their leaves in Autumn.

Walking in Autumn sunshine is nicer than walking in the rain. Clouds blow off after rain and sky is clear for all to see. When the sky is blue we are reminded of our inner light and we radiate warmth with the sky. The gods shine forth but, we are illuminated by the night, the stars and the, moon.

The piercing of Gods's love by an angel was an illumination. The golden arrow of the ecstasy of Saint Teresa went straight through to the heart. Angels live in heaven for rainy days and cloud cover.

The spiritual ecstasy and visionary experience of Saint Teresa was an altered consciousness and contemplation of the Holy Spirit. To get to this forgiving of God you would have to allow the light in, the light of consciousness. God is an illumination and an entering in a soul of the golden light of the Sun. The enlightening of transgression is the illumination in the clouds.