Sunday, June 30, 2019

Spiritual transcendence is earthly bound

Nicole Page-Smith

Spiritual transcendence is earthly bound

The vision of Saint Teresa and the spiritual ecstasy of the piercing of the love of God have you float on the clouds. Floating with her as if white marble in the sky. A weight. Weighting down the clouds. One could not imagine the visions of ecstasy, required, pain, the pain of first love and the pain of love. Sacred and profane love float with me, here with the love of God.

Floating and ascending, travelling forth, I am like a bird thinking of flight. Flight is an experience, gliding. A rising and vaporising disappearing with the clouds is the temporal consciousness lifting our view. Opening visionary ideas into experience carries you to a place. Experiential, visionary, ideas go up with the trees and birds and, disappear in flight into the clouds and, our mind flies with the idea as with the Holy Spirit to God. Mind to God.

Matter is the experience of earth. Therefore, a heavenly understanding of the Spirit takes us further and we are still riding the clouds with Saint Teresa. The visionary ecstasy of a spiritual nature is to do with life although life is all encompassing. Our spiritual journey through life is an endeavour for the soul. Journeying forth as though riding the clouds our mind is heavenly bound in contemplation of the self. A contemplation of God is almost in denial of the self and as though our life is as ephemeral as our spirit or fleeting moments in our life, we are in preparation of the Lord, above. Our spirit knows it is only mortal but does not die. In the immortality of our soul we travel though and absorb like a tree drinks water from the earth. Universes have travelled with us and gone on by almost as if we need not be aware. We live though through our mortality of God and fly as though with comets and shooting stars around universes in thought and arrive as though by cloud or aeroplane. Descending through the clouds we almost land as if from some dream or visionary awakening and float.

Spiritual transcendence is earthly bound.