Monday, June 24, 2019

Ecstatic angels

Nicole Page-Smith

Chapter 5.

Ecstatic angels

Riding the clouds like birds in the sky, descending, I glide and fly. When angels descend it is like birds sitting on trees descending to the ground. Flying down to the Earth from heaven, angels descend. They descend to Earth. Often, angels are sent for God's divine purpose. Descending angels move up and down. Similar to birds angels have wings and move like birds scared slightly by people walking past them. Ascending, up and down angels are from another realm and only visit people in need. When people call on an angel they call on your home.

The transcendental spiritual experience of Saint Teresa took her to heaven. You would imagine riding around on clouds would be angelic. Sun and the aurora rays would take you to the light. The light of day is a blessing. The golden piercing of an angel's arrow would be as golden rays of light. Sun and the dawn of a new morn would wake up all the birds and the trees would fill with birds. The love of the Lord is a glory day morn. Transcending angels can occasionally be seen at dawn. Floating around the universe with the stars at night also transcends nature. Birds are their reminder. Angels and clouds, float on by. 

Clouds float in a transcendence of themselves. Floating with the clouds and continuing to float you feel the meditative contemplation of the Saint's ecstasy. Ascending with angels and floating the Saint's ascension was like the piecing of the Sun when waking up to direct sunlight. Aeroplanes and flying have you fly in the clouds and the light hits your eyes when you open the shutters but is not the ecstatic piercing simply the vision of light, needed.

God allowed the piecing of the golden arrow.

Ecstatic angels.