Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Holy Spirit

Nicole Page-Smith

The Holy Spirit

The spiritual illumination of God and dual understanding of the Holy Spirit is the dove. We carried at peace with God, forth. The relationship between the heart and God or the Spirit and mind is the dove like a messenger. Jesus relationship with God was the hearts understanding of the mind. A spiritual concern is of flight like the dove ascending with the angels upwards takes you to the treetops and the churchyard eves. Clouds know no sin but the hearts matter loves God. The emotion involved in love alters consciousness.

The sound of pigeons flying above your head makes you aware of their presence above you. Your mind travels up with them through the treetops and flies up to the sky. Our relationship with God while on earth between heaven and earth is a matter of the Spirit and with Jesus is the heart. Transcending the mind's Spirit and flying to the heavens with the birds and angels we fly with the dove. Fluttering and wing beats have a spiritual resonance but fly with us through the treetops with the birds. The ecstatic angel of transcendence is like a comprehension of when it rains and the clouds, we float. Floating with clouds and angels, we fly and then are pierced through with overwhelming downpours of the gods. A blessing such as in mythology of the ancients with thunder and lightening takes you with the rain back to earth.

In the Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome, where the Bernini sculpture of Saint Teresa in Ecstasy, resides, the moment of transverberation is interrupted, by an audience almost, viewing from theatre seats or the theatre box of the Cornaro family. Although, not entertainment as such the religious ecstasy is of spiritual significance. We are carried up to the heights of the heavens with the angels but our comprehension is down with the birds and they fly out of our mind to God. Our relationship with God is in flight but of the heart.

Walking back along tree lined avenues, I feel transported.

Trees, birds, birds walking. Walking along with them, flying. Trees, trees becoming leaves and growing through stems. And go wing, to fly with the wind and the birds. Winter birds nests, covered, once, again. Growing leaves, growing through fingers of branches, arms and boughs. Boughs groaning with wind like arms aching in the wind. Rustling leaves, blow. Scrawling, scowling, scribbling winds drawing lines as if through you, bashing against the rain. Clouds, clouds of rain, floating, drifting off and sudden, bursts of sunshine appear behind the clouds, illuminating the clouds, making them glow. Glowing through the clouds you once feel the religious experience of ecstatic angels, beating, their wings beat against you. Birds wet in the rain beating their wings in wild storms, birds but small in the hand of God, the Holy Spirit.