Sunday, June 2, 2019

Clouds carry you forth

Nicole Page-Smith

Clouds carry you forth

Clouds are.

The ecstatic vision of Saint Teresa was euphoric.

Clouds race on by and as though God and the angels look down and observe us all day long, we carry on as if not observed. Clouds drift. Sun pools shine through.

Light shines. And universes away you feel there is a glimmer of hope. A feather drops to the earth, it was an angel but God thought otherwise and said the angel was a bird. Birds fly away with the clouds. Angels fly out of churches to embrace the morning light, each morning, they fly from people's hearts and birds are an indication of their flight. We do not notice heart angels, either. Fly, light, to God.

Angels are the light of God and fly. When we fly with the angels we are flying with the birds. To view the underbelly of birds in flight while standing and looking at them fly overhead we have almost become the flight of an angel but only in contemplation of the Holy Spirit of God. You can quite often hear the birds twitter overhead, tweeting and chirping they invite you into the forest but do not go into the forest alone, take God with you all around.

Angels of ecstatic worth are a different thing.

Birds fly, flying, soaring to great heights and reside in the treetops or church eves. Quite often the front of churches are vacant, squares.

Soaring with the birds your view travels up the cathedral steeple and down to crumbs left on the ground and you enter the church with a view of ascension.

Clouds carry you forth.