Tuesday, September 4, 2018

To map the universe

To map the universe

We map the spirit and the wind and holy breath rushes through us. Air and clouds float, white light and the patterns of the clouds descend. Pools of golden light are illuminated on the earth and the magical feeling of being transported arises. We enter consciousness. Light travels through air and causes a glow. When clouds descend attracted to the earth after rain, they cling to the hills and mountains and it is as though the spirit has risen from the earth in a hot breath. Spirits arise and descend as God descends on us with light. Air is our ephemeral breath and permeates the spirit, earth, we ascend, patterns and light. Floating off with the patterns of the clouds and rain we descend. In a euphoric glory we walk the earth like divine beings descended from heaven. Angels walk with us and we pray. Shadows of clouds and the air hit our face and it is as though God saw the clouds on our face. We descended from heaven. Walking with the reflection of clouds on our face, we were part of the wind with our mind. Minds and wind are part of our spirit. Sometimes we have feathers and are carried by the wind, we glide on the air. We are of rain and descend with the clouds. Mapping the universe is our purpose. The angels cried.  

We saw the rain and the angels wept some more. Rain and clouds, water, drifting. The Holy Spirit is amongst us. The golden light filters down through the sky. You see God in the Sun. Brightness is a knowing. Golden we know where to find God. Water separates the air in the clouds and like the water tower nominates a place. The direction of the spirit is the spirit wind and it trespasses like a warm breath. We breathe and are taken. Light is our only knowledge of ourselves and once we were light but when the light hits moisture it glows. Once it did not glow and we were pure universe before time. Light is in memory of ourselves and matter expands the universe for us to know. Angels are our only memory of ourselves. The light travels along in memory of clouds and angels only to separate to remind us of God and God's breath. Moisture is in memory of the spirit so we know that once we were alive and are of God. Down deep in another part of the universe there will be indication of a divine kind of matter unseen to human minds. An indication of God is the map we know and are looking for always. We wander off so deeply in space where the gods are our only friends to an understanding. Water like air are gods of an unknown place to man but the angels secretly can tell you. We are all angels to God.

Nicole Page-Smith