Monday, September 17, 2018

In heaven

In heaven

We breathe the breath. We are one god, one world. We are the faith, the faith of mankind and we know. We know the world is one. When we breathe, the air breathes for us. We are the spirit and the spirits breath. Spirits breathe for us for we are, we are the world, worlds and a world away in the universe somewhere, there was a map. The map contained the world, the world map of creation and we are of that world. Universes and worlds away in another time and place there was and we were. We are one. One with creation is one with the world and we are, one. Places, universes and space-time for time equals matter are one with him, the air. Cats purr but we breathe and when you think about the amount of breath needed in one breath, we will be getting somewhere. We will for we are we were one for God was the one who gave us breathe. We breathe and the life of the spirit is the wind. The air flies like the clouds and the clouds are mapped on the ground. We are then like pollen and smell of the flowers for we are a slight breeze and chance for rain. Patterns in the clouds are our home. 

We float. Floating and air are our wind. Rushing across the earth we map the ground with the shadows of clouds. Light passes by and a heart map is like the Sun, a road map viewed by birds flying high in the sky. A steeple takes your mind to the top of the cathedral; your spirit is in its heights. We are the air, a god. God and gods take you to them in clouds and we are the moisture to fall down in the rain. We descended. Our descendants are from earth. When we rose we rise as moisture to the clouds, from rivers and streams. The spirit wind is our universe and a heaven, only breath and the moisture of a kiss. Angels cried for we were born only to find a Paradise on earth amongst angels. Flying with the angels and the birds we ascend and descend with the moisture in the clouds, flying up to glide on air pockets in the sky. Angels leave a star pattern on the earth where they walk; we follow and know the earth. The earth is the spirits home, to walk amongst the angels and gods tell us our worth. We walk the heavenly road mapped out for us by God. God flies with our spirit in the wind and is the wind, our spirit. The spirit flies through you and is your life and journeys through our body, a connection to God. Our life is already mapped-out by God before we are born, in heaven.

Nicole Page-Smith