Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Oxygen is the air we breathe

Oxygen is the air we breathe 

In heaven we are born, we are born in heaven. The wind through the grass is like our life's journey. When you view the cliff face and your mind travels down with the swallows and then flies further until you view the sea your mind is expanded. An expanded view is a view of the world and our minds expand with it. The experience of our journey gives the temperature on the ground a way. The pathway forward is the map on the ground and a road map like we are walking on stars, the heat of atomic energy is what we feel when the Sun parches the earth. Our journey is short lived so to stay on our pathway is similar to mapped wind. Our spirit travels through the grass and through our life. Our spirit travels through the air and currents of wind. The Holy Spirit does walk with us as though, we were being carried along by God in the clouds on the earth. Gardens and blossom are resplendent in Spiring. Racing, the clouds race around in the wind and on a nice hot sunny day, the wispy clouds can be seen, above. The sound of the wind is like the echo. 

When the clouds separate in the sky and the Sun comes peering through the clouds, everything is enlightened. The glory-of-God is Spring blossoms on the trees, an enlightenment occurred to God on the day of the Lord. Shining is sunshine. The map of the universe is our face to God in the sunshine and as sweet as pet cats or the flowers looking up at you. Clouds race on by. We do not realise what the Sun is. Atomic energy is the Sun and previously philosophers of old talked about the Sun being the centre of the universe. We give off light but also light the universe with a pattern and the reverse of the shadow of the Sun, our path is illuminated, by torchlight or there were fairies in the garden lighting our way. To map our heart is to map the universe. The heat on the ground takes you on another pathway. Wind, the spirit, air is the air we breathe. Light takes you to sunshine, within and the centre of the universe is similar to the centre of the earth, an illumination. People would not believe you if you told them we illuminate the moon and the sun. However, scientists have long talked about plants photosynthesising or absorbing sunlight. Perhaps, plants are like Christmas trees at night and shine.

You could imagine the light of the love in your heart should light the universe with the air we breathe. Automatically we are like God's inner light source and the air we breathe is a god. Stars light the way for us in a Christian way by day and by night. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is our light and the realms of heaven our light comes from. Angels speak of heaven. You would imagine air came to Earth like water from outer space. Meteorites, comets, asteroids and fallen stars carry our light and we breathe. Are we space aliens from another planet? We are probably only ourselves gods, only mortal, part of the god, air and aeons away we realise ourselves. Our spirit wind is mapped by another universe. Spring/Summer winds blow through the gardens and scatter blossom everywhere. The birds fly through and make a sound with their wings, flying through. Annotating birds and their breath would feel like we were annotating the heart. Birds call God's name and twitter. Flying overhead birds appear to provide a light and make you feel happy, singing in the trees. Angels are our light. Oxygen is the air we breathe. 

By Nicole Page-Smith