Monday, September 10, 2018

We breathe

We breathe

Air, air is the air we breathe. The flowers on a hot Spring/Summer's day has the perfume of blossom and the scented garden breathes our smell. Air and air heavy with the smell of Spring blossom and pollen is similar to how matter behaves in the cosmos, a golden memory and maybe how the garden of God was created. We are like a memory in angel dust and float with the wind and a map of the wind exists on the ground as though we were a moonscape, rivers and past meteorite activity. Patterns of the universe are like patterns in nature and the flowers. The patterns of the planets exist as though printed on our body as our organs connect to the water and the air and are a star guide for the gods. The earth, we walk on governed by the wind is our Christian pathway and like our spirits are blown along with the wind. Stars light the way. We walk by day in memory of night and the universe. Follow the beautiful smells of spring air pungent with blossom and the air you breathe will carry the scent of God. God in the garden maps the universe.

The map of the universe is the Spring air we breathe. Breathing we breath moist air. Our air is an equation of the universe once known. Atoms behave differently closer to the earth or a substance of another matter. The air we breathe does come from outer space and is a combination of elements. The elements of air, fire and earth equal the ether. Water was an element once known to man but differently and an element of the gods. God provided the water and we provided man, God once said. The most kiss of your loved one is like an equation God wants you to know, that once you loved him, God, the almighty father in Heaven. God is our memory but we take his heaven with us to those we love for God is the heart and is man. Air is the air we breathe and is like a breath of the universe, its light is known as the Sun, a Christian light. The chemical equation of air loosely related to the oxygen we breathe of the universe expands and will disappear but we will no longer be here to breathe the oxygen. The human race is like a memory of breath and the universe, its map. To map the universe is to map air or like a wind in memory of our selves, the spirit. Air pungent with breath. We breathe. 

Nicole Page-Smith