Wednesday, August 29, 2018



As the elephants dance with the gods, the gods and Ganesha dance an elephant dance, too. We dance and think of other palaces, temples and roadside concrete Ganesha gods daubed with blue pigment. Cats are always there, with us. On holiday you can almost imagine your cats thinking about you missing your lap and you seem to carry their cute little thoughts around with you. We go to the matter of the spirit and bees fly off in another philosophy. Spiritual pathways take us through India and to the Ganges. We think then of other spiritual vocations and vacations to Italy. Our spirit flies in thoughts and dreams, memories of places our body has visited. A trail of old religious paintings and sculptures, paintings of Saints and martyrdom, churches and wonder why. Churches in London with the graves of the dead in the floor and not wanting to walk on them, walking on cracks, London walking. London's parks and gardens, people walking their dogs, squirrels, foxes at night rustling in the bushes as you walk by them. Cats in full daylight can be found in suburban streets. Cat postcards and lots of funny cats, London is a real cat place. Cat sculptures adorn the British Museum, ancient Egypt honor the cat. Cat gods and lion gods have throngs of tourists with too many cameras in worship. I prefer quieter museums where viewing is made pleasurable with less people but maybe gods need the worship. Cat drawings take us to a different philosophy.

Sweet cat drawings by the English artists then, take us to Germany and Durer etchings of Adam and Eve, cats are in his garden of earthly delights. A Paradise in a garden of another spirit and a spiritual vocation, bees to the honey and hours on end of viewing the spirit, spirits fly. Flying spiritually our mind wanders. Honey and naked honey goddesses are synonymous with paintings on display. Germany's cat calendars are to die for. Cat paintings are a very German thing, too. I am wandering with my cat as though racing spiritually along the street and through museum after museum. Cats walk and take you on a different pathway and we are taken to France again, Surrealist exhibitions and the first viewing of The Monk by the Sea. Caspar David Frederick's incredible philosophy in paint takes my spirit, soaring and flying with the owls by the moon although we mainly contemplate the landscape or the sea. We are evaluated spiritually and go to Berlin. Other paintings and the Caspar David Friedrich room at the Alte Nationalgalerie take you to the Romantic philosophy of the day and the spirit soars with it. Melancholic, it is as though death is pleasurable and the greatest spiritual achievement, a heaven we journey through life for to find its ultimate Paradise. We die spiritually in order to find our grave or spirit in paint, an illusion of God. We live though and think of our cat. 

Cats take us through life. We are cats of another philosophy. Bees.

By Nicole Page-Smith

Nicole Page-Smith