Sunday, June 29, 2014


Our cosmic entwining involves the lingam or phallus to take us on our celestial way unto the Lord. Eastern religions tell us this, divine honour for the gods. It is interesting that this symbol is used for the medical symbol. One feels this was from ancient textbook knowledge when European medicine was first brought into practice. Early on in the history of medicine it was philosophy, the devil brought disease and they were trying to make chemical concoctions to cure the body of evil. The evil would come in several guises, namely seasonal winds bringing mayhem, death, disease and the plague or the devil as the case may be. It is well observed that clothed gentlemen travelling to the Far East took with them cloaked disease by not bathing frequently enough. Diseases quite frequently already in existence but not closeted as they frequently did not need clothes for the weather. In some countries people do not have to wear clothes. Most Europeans would blush without a loincloth. In their region they want to observe how you are entwined with the cosmos or in European speak, what God provided you with. The phallus is all Southern nations are interested in. God protect their wings.