Sunday, June 1, 2014


The divine pathway to God took me to Rome. Although the Vatican Museums were also on this ascension, the gates to the Villa Borghese gardens was the place. Bernini had a big ego and excelled himself in his youth for the Papal ascension now housed in the Borghese museum. Along the Apian way through the gardens the National Gallery is worth a visit too. No longer are the gardens full of alley cats even though there are one or two, fortunately there is now a cat home to vaccinate stray kittens and they do a great job for the poor. Although this gateway would once have been one of the three gateways that led to Rome, all roads lead to Rome and probably did in Virgil's day, Rome was sacked in a day. Rome is a great place to view sculpture as they are not afraid of great big things or greatness. Other countries appear to have issues as they did not ever rule the world. There is still monuments and ancient buildings left from the 1st Century AD, remarkably preserved with the atmosphere of the river Tiber. This is a great place for stone sculpture, especially Carrara marble sculpture, to be housed, also, for it preserves well with a river nearby. The gardens are lovely to stroll through, especially along the pathway to the top of the city of Rome.