Monday, June 23, 2014


The garden can equal several things to different hearts. Following the patterns of the stars is a really old philosophy. If you go to isolated locations beyond the city lights you may be nominated by the stars as being worthy of their view. Ancient philosophy only makes sense with cultural understanding of the lands they were philosophizing about. Here the stars are still worshiped in the architecture of Persian decent. The goddess architecture nominates the worthy royalty and takes you soaring so far towards God you hit the star they nominate the goddess under it takes your heart to the garden. All the windows face the Sun in a certain pattern, to reflect the light of God. Their ancient mythology only communicates their ancient philosophy and a protected love of God. Only those with the love of God in their hearts take you to the garden of God's divine love. Christianity was born in these lands and influenced all the other religions to follow from Hindu through to Buddhism, ancient Judaism was much older. God via the stars has always been trying to communicate love in the garden since our inception.