Saturday, July 12, 2014


The four seasons are nominated by what happens in the fields and our daily bread. So, the four points of the cross nominate the calendar and directions of the compass, where the westerly wind will come through in Spring and into your garden. Flowers for the bees. Summer takes your breath away and all the fields have been harvested and are at rest until the summer seeds are sown. Dragons teeth for the winds of change in Autumn, Summer sown. The winds take your breath away for Winter hay and the time of rest for the plants in Gods divine garden covered in snow, the animals huddle indoors or hibernate to store their energy for Spring lay when foals of horses are born on Spring hay and lambs are born for the wool of God, jumpers to keep us warm next Summer fall and all the other little creatures participate in Gods divine understanding of love in the garden. Squirrels store nuts for love in Spring for their underworld nest in Winter come fall, the Winter fall of snow. Little field mice have their babies in long grasses of the fields and all the little birds lay their nest.