Monday, July 28, 2014


So, if God intends to take us on a pathway through the gates of darkness, the earth we tread will govern the pathway. Do not tell God the way you travel at night. The stars light the way but when Saturn is in the heavenly view you will not find the way as there will also be an eclipse of the moon, a darkened view. Planet Saturn is often considered evil by those God does not want to view. Perhaps by some mishap Satan and Saturn have a similar ring tone rather than a gaseous view. Through a telescope, you can see the rings of Saturn and these are apparently formed by gases produced on the planet Saturn but nothing to do with the rings of Hell or Satan's divine view as is the rule of God. Satan is sitting down there guarding Gods divine treasure and will cause a gaseous view if you take him to Hell or get too close to Gods divine secret. The gates of darkness are nowhere close and a highly guarded secret but God cannot take evil people to anywhere other than Hell. The rebirth and purification dark matter can consume needs to happen as the twelfth room on a darkened night.