Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Fall of man was caused by Adam biting the golden fruit of God's divine knowledge. Lucifer came to test Eve who plucked the golden fruit from the forbidden tree and Adam had a bite of the apple. God had to test Adam with his golden divine knowledge and Adam failed him. Satan had to open the Hell Gates of Sin, Death and Hell, misery and war for the evil and unblessed, those not sacred to God. The Fall of Adam took place on a starlit night and the angels cried as God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Adam was not to be trusted with God's divine knowledge and was put to the test by Lucifer. When put to the test with a temptation man more often than not chooses the robbed pathway. God provides a gateway and man relentlessly takes Hell's door for publicity but their only rewards are the angels of Hell taking them to the exit sign, maybe the sign should read: "Gate crashes not welcome to God". God is alarmed at all the party poopers when there is so much more reward for love in the garden.