Wednesday, July 9, 2014


And unto the word of God the word was spoken said the Lord. There was a divine channel in the highway and God went up the mountain and said God almighty. And the Christian fathers went to him and said do not be evil unto philosophy and then there was love and the love of God reigned. And God came down the mountain and said amen. The garden of divine philosophy said yes and God took the snake demon and tore him in half. And God went along another highway and said yes. The garden said yes and all the spring flowers sprung into bloom and God said yes. God is creation. God is love. God is the divine knowledge for the special people to understand him. God is the flower and God is the snake. And when the snake meets up with the flowers in the garden, the devil lives there. So, do not cross the snake with his demon followers or the devil will come into your garden. God kill the demon so he does not kill you. God needs love and demons need hate. God. The killer of all evil hate, kill true evil from the garden.