Friday, July 11, 2014


Bees take you on another philosophy. If you follow their curve you will find the philosophers stone, Mercury to the unknown destiny of him. The structure of the honeycomb informs us about God, the Ancient Greeks gave us a chemical understanding. The chemical analysis of honey gives us oxygen and who does not like Greek honey on Greek yoghurt in Greece for energy. Honeycomb is not available in Greece for the table. The medicinal quality of honey has been known since the Ancient Egyptians, they preserved the afterlife in this so we would carry on the job for God. Most Germans get all messed up because they consume beer to read the bible and this is not suitable for God. Premise the structure of honeycomb has been misused by their industry for too long and God does not approve. Industrial chemistry should stick to another chemical. Medicine should be given another name. Honey is too sweet for the Germans and too well preserved for the French so premise little old honeybees need to flap their sweet little wings through a different philosophy and follow the beeline to the honey pot of their choosing. They will not find the solution anywhere currently being well observed only quietly in the rosebush. They were more involved with a special equation with the exotic cakes of the Far East who use honey. French tapestry would embroider the constellations in the correct way for others with a cosmic solution or honey for God. Love the honeybees to love thy self, premise the philosophy of the honeybee.