Monday, July 21, 2014


On the first day of creation God said he and dirt was on the ground. On the second day God said he and the seed was sown. God bless. On the third day a star was noticed and God said he is the one. God knowns how. On the forth day of creation God said thee and smiled. Five days later God noticed plants appearing. Not thee. So, God gave Eve unto Adam and said he. Six days later a seed was born. God noticed this and produced the seventh day of creation. God loves man to love himself in the garden. God took the star of Bethlehem to mother Mary and said thee. God knows best and God loves the human race to love them self as is the grace of God. Eight days past as was the grace of God and God loved the earth in the garden. God love the flowers of creation and God bless. Nine days later God appeared to man in the form of creation and said yes. Yes, day ten will appear and we will all be blessed and God said this. On day ten Eve said to Adam, I need the fall of man and God said this. So, God sent the devil snake to inform Eve about creation and God took a hold of both of them and sent them through earth via him to start the human race. And on the twelfth day Adam took notice of Eve and what God had created for him to notice that man love a woman and this was the book of Genesis and God said yes. God loves the garden of creation for he created Adam and Eve to create himself in the eye of God. And Jesus was born on hay.