Thursday, July 3, 2014


The animal in the riddle has to be a cross snake. The snake in the riddles is not known to common society. Snakes are in the grass to smell the rain and coming westerly wind. Slithering home after the people have gone. Love God for his garden, the garden of the snake. The snake told me to protect sacred snakes from themselves. Snakes told Eve to bite the apple. The apple of knowledge was nominated but left in the garden. Snakebites are poison. Snakes nominate the way. The way of the snake told Adam about the apple and delivered him to love Eve in the garden. We cross the snake with the glass mirror and break the demon in half. The demon comes to visit you in the garden when evil has come along to tempt the demon into crossing the snake. The pathway cannot be crossed by the snake. The snake is the goddess. God bless the snake in the garden to bless the snake of love. Love in the garden of the snake is not a place for humans but where creation started for God. God love the snake who loves humans. Snakes are welcome in the garden for God.