Sunday, July 27, 2014


With Chaos the creation of the world happened, it is often described like a love affair with God. Almost, for example, most people cannot handle the feeling in your heart when you fall in love. Something akin to where chaos theory meets the devil and everything takes you through Heaven and Hell and back again when it is just a simple matter of picking up the phone and telling your loved ones you love them or want to get married then baby takes you by surprise. This chaos of blood, sweat and tears more hormonally charged than the act of creation itself takes love through a different philosophy. Some never getting there to participate in Gods divine garden where Adam met Eve. The emotion is too strong and does not take everyone to Heaven. Love in Gods garden should be the most special feeling ever felt to participate in Gods divine message. So, like where God met the apple, Adam met Eve and Chaos met Creation, the heart has to meet love.