Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Long has history been of Gods divine message transcribed by the human heart. It must torment God right down to his base metal why people want to take his message to kiss Satan. Will we ever get use to who we are being human beings? God tries to illuminate our imagination with earthly style creatures equalling his work. This unfortunately he has to outwit many people with like a magician so they do not take his divine message to Hell or through evil. What is the chemical element of the human heart? Oxygen to God, without this being pumped around the heart stops beating. God should only be a heartbeat away from your philosophy. God does not want the heart drying up of love so God tries to wet the pathway with love. Mercury to quicksilver equal Mercurius and the work is complete, a state of the heart in the garden. Base metals to gold also equal Gods divine wedding ring. Gold to silver are etched in your heart.