Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Places seem to participate in true evil for their own gain but God has other plans and they never seem to gain weight only deny love to themselves, their fellow man and everybody who surrounds them. True evil takes your heart through Hell to find dark matter equalling the love of the soul equalling death. The garden of the heart should not dare to travel through the seventh cycle of Hell and find the devil peering in the window. Satan is not welcome in the house of the Lord. You feel the eye of the Lord equals the eye of God. The word of God is special if you hear him speak. The word of Satan is not welcome to make comment in God's divine garden where the devil lives. God needs to protect his garden and his divine attendants from the publicity of wings of deceit. God plays tricks. There are only eyes on what is secret and God does not need your help. Love in the garden equals love unknown through God tilling your heart.