Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Eyes of God are resplendent. Some represent the waters others the flow of nature. God told me this on the seventh day of creation. Eyes roam the world and assess the evil. God notices this, as is the eye of God. The eye is the flower of God and represents the heart. The garden has eyes of God and this is represented in his divine work in nature and in the smell of the flowers, God sees you looking at his divine work and you picking a bunch of flowers. Eyes of God see to this. The colours of Gods divine garden are red through to gold. God loves you seeing this. Eyes of God do not allow us to trespass his divine understanding of the garden of knowledge for God. A philosopher is allowed to communicate with the Lord. God sees to this and tries to protect himself from Hell. The divine serpent hisses in your ear if you trespass too close to God and takes the demon snake in your heart to talk to Satan. So, the eye of God is free roaming the earth for those who need him to participate in the work. How the eye sees is through the garden.