Thursday, July 10, 2014


God leaves his signature for us in the leaves of the trees to himself in the star patterns in nature. Trees of love equal trees of growth to the philosophy, flowers of love. Other than this we have to consult God about love in the garden via the lemon trees through Heaven, Heaven in the heart of philosophy, sweetening for sugar crepes, lemon and sugar, spice for all things nice. Love in the garden for philosophy equals love in the heart to God. In the sea of creation there are animals who represent God by design. You may find these washed ashore after high tide, not that the tidal beaches are resplendent anymore with high tidal activity and Southern polar melting. These love patterns by design of God by the stars allow us to decipher the star patterns left in nature. Beautiful starfish frequent the ocean floor, sometimes swimming through their destination to require Gods divine light and sparkle in the water on their swim through the depths of the ocean. Seahorses accompany them and are transpired, translucent and swim through God in a different way, sparkling in a different way as they delicately propel themselves through the ocean and arrive to their destination among some coral reef, Gods divine home through nature, Gods Aladdin cave for the fishes of Christ.