Monday, July 14, 2014


God loves you in the garden of love and takes you to a place to experience him. The true garden is covered with the light of the moon like a garden of white roses. The cycles of the moon reflect the cycles of the planets and when Venus is the star we experience the love of God. A purple cloak to a whitening and a red to signify hope. Love God to love the rosebush of your heart and love your fellow man to love philosophy. The philosophy of the heart to equal love, the rainbow to equal Heaven and white light to equal God. Moons under the stars inform the plants in the garden of the incoming rain, love to a garden plant. My garden is golden and tipped by the wings of philosophy. The philosopher's garden is there for us in Heaven, the last door will take you there to rest your heart. I love God to love me in the garden of love, green through purple to red. Love the philosophy that talks about love. To be a human heart full of love, green equals red, the garden equals philosophy and mathematically we take the star pattern to God to tell him the pathway we need to trespass, a pathway of love and ascension is complete.