Sunday, July 20, 2014


Early philosophy nominated the stars as that is where the philosophers saw God. Nominating the heavens through the universe and dictating the stars or annotating the stars into philosophy. God showed them the way forwards and a divine pathway took them further afield. Their philosophy of the stars nominating differences of opinion gave ancient Judaism, Christian flavours and there Christianity was born, other religions followed this. The Star of David was mainly the Christian following and that was why Christ was crucified. Others wanted a better result and followed different philosophy including ancient texts with a reevaluation of the known. This became too involved for some, followers could not take their philosophy to Heaven, so, instead took it through Hell, the Hell of a demon and their philosophy was banned from the streets. Some were executed for a different point of view but their texts still survive. Twelve stars and twelve individual views of philosophy was either going to take you to Heaven or Hell, if you get to number twelve you have pleased God. Twelve stars for the nominated, twelve tone music for the blessed.