Sunday, July 6, 2014


The snake enters the divine cosmos to tell God the problem. The elemental fire absorbs dark matter and the Hell in the heart. Gardens exist in the heart and love needs to be occurring there to communicate to the snake. Love in the garden told the snake of knowledge about the snake of evil. God tested Eve in the garden but this was another kind of philosophy. Evil snakes participate in the hearts of evil men and evil takes their demon snake to the devil to dumb them down to Satan for their sin of participating in evil. Hell in the heart of evil philosophy. Sacred snakes only contain divine knowledge for God in the Heaven of the hearts of men, they only appear in a divine realm of sacred hearts. Although God exists in the hearts of all men and women not every human heart can participate in the good of man, they do not seem to be able to get there, to God's love. The divine love in the house of your internal garden entwines God's love with the snake. In the cosmos a new breath is born.